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6 Stunning Places In The World That Enjoy 24-Hour Sunlight

During the summer season, the Earth’s northern hemisphere tilts close to the sun. And this results in warm weather and longer hours. For the countries residing near and north of the Arctic circle, the tilt is so significant between April and September, that they experience 24-hour daylight. So it might be 10 pm at night, but the sun is shining bright, and it would resemble a typical 3 pm in the afternoon. It’s crazy, right? So travelling to such stunning places that enjoy 24-hour sunlight during summers will mean taking part in festivals, exploring stunning landscapes, and being part of cities, that actually never sleep. To be part of this adventure, here are 6 amazing places across the world that enjoy 24-hour sunlight.

1. Reykjavik In Iceland
Reykjavik is Iceland‘s capital and the largest city in the country. So it’s already a hot and happening travel destination. Housing National and Saga museums, a fascinating Viking history and a rotating Perlan glass dome offering breathtaking views of the seas and hills, there’s a lot to unravel here. What better to explore this travel delight than in broad daylight? This city witnesses the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. The sun sets just after midnight and then rises again after 3 am. During this time you can be part of a host of city activities, music festivals and half marathons. As a bonus, the bars stay open till 6 am.

2. Helsinki In Finland
During the months of June and July, Helsinki in Finland experiences extremely long days. These months are known for their prime midnight sun season. Finnish children are happy to have crazily flexible bedtimes. With the sun shining bright above even when the clock strikes 8 pm, bars, cafes, parks everything stays open. Families get together for picnics, ride bikes and even enjoy a midsummer bonfire. Tourists can look forward to the Midnight Sun Film Festival and the Kalottjazz & Blues Festival in Finland to celebrate this period to the fullest.

3. Abisko In Sweden
Abisko houses the Aurora Sky Station. It’s the focal point for experiencing the Northern Lights of Sweden. In the summer season, the sun paints the town with up to 24 hours of sunlight per day. Visit this city during the months of late June and mid-July to explore the Abisko National Park and hike up Mount Nuolja to enjoy sweeping views of the arctic landscape. There’s nothing more exciting than walking with bae hand in hand, and knowing quite well, that it will be a long, bright and fulfilling day.

4. Longyearbyen In Norway
In Longyearbyen, Norway, the sun doesn’t set for 4 whole months. So forget, catching up on the moon between mid-April and mid-July. Do never before things like going to sleep when the sun shines bright at night. Book a wildlife-watching cruise, witness whales and walruses in action during these long summer months. Svalbard Bryggeri is a popular craft brewery that welcomes both tourists and locals with refreshing beer and even better ocean views. Norway’s Svalbard offers visa-free stay for Indians too.

5. St. Petersburg In Russia
Russia’s St. Petersburg prides itself on its white nights. The nights that aren’t dark and indearing like the rest of the world, but bright and welcoming, just like the mornings. During these white nights, from late May to early July, the city comes alive. And how! Ballet, opera and orchestral performances enthral crowds. Fireworks, concerts and carnivals appease the young and old. The world’s oldest White Nights Festival is the ultimate highlight here, which shouldn’t be missed. St. Petersburg has sunlight for over 24 hours a day during this time. The sunsets after midnight and rises again at 2 am in the morning.

6. Fairbanks In Alaska
At Fairbanks in Alaska, you can experience nights with absolutely no sunset, just 24 hours of bright daylight. To make full use of its stunning landscapes and gorgeous flora and fauna, explore this destination during the months of May to July. You can visit the Denali National Park and spot moose and bears here. Head to the Pioneer Theme Park and get to understand the culture and history from the Museum of the North here. The sun dips beneath the horizon for only a few hours every night and then rises again for another long, summer day.

Adventure enthusiasts, these are the 6 gorgeous destinations across the world, you need to visit to experience a phenomenon like no other. With these countries enjoying 24 hours of daylight, you can be part of festivals, explore sightseeing spots and understand new places and cultures better.

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