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Air India Express Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Kozhikode Kerala After Fire Alarm

An Air India Express Flight made an emergency landing at Kozhikode, Kerala after pilots detected a fire alarm from the cargo. The flight landed on the morning of April 9, 2021. The Calicut-Kuwait flight had 17 passengers on board. Following the fire warning in the cargo compartment, the flight had to do an emergency landing. According to an ANI report, Air India Express spokesperson has said, “An Air India Express flight made a precautionary landing at Kozhikode today after pilots detected fire alarm from cargo. With 17 passengers onboard, the flight was scheduled for Calicut-Kuwait.”

The Airline Attempted To Survive A Fatal Crash
A Calicut to Kuwait Air India Express flight made an emergency landing at Kozhikode, Kerala, following a fire alarm. By making the emergency landing, the flight has attempted to survive a fatal crash. The flight had 17 passengers and 6 crew members and it took off from Karipur airport on the morning of April 9. In another incident.

AIE Is Making Alternative Arrangements For The Passengers
According to an Economic Times report, Airport Director-in charge, Muhammed Sahid told PTI that all the passengers and crew on board the flight IX 393 are safe. The flight had taken off at 08.38 AM. After the fire warning, it landed safely by 9.11 AM, according to Air India Express sources. After investigation, authorities found that the fire alarm was a false alarm. However, the authorities are carrying out more investigations on the aircraft. The airlines is making alternative arrangements as well for the passengers. Meanwhile, here are the step-by-step guidelines for air travel during the pandemic:

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