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Bear Grylls Battles Back Pain Everyday After 25-Year-Old Skydiving Accident In Zambia

Thanks to Bear Grylls’ Man vs Wild, we witnessed Akshay Kumar ziplining over crocodile-infested waters, Rajinikanth trekking down steep ravines of Bandipur and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi crossing a river in a makeshift raft. The 46-year-old British adventurist and TV presenter has entertained and educated people across the world through his thrilling encounters in the wild. But Bear Grylls despite the numerous adventures battled with chronic back pain every day. Sharing a heartbreaking picture of his wounded back on Instagram, Grylls recollected the time when he broke his back 25 years ago in a skydiving accident in Zambia. He informed his fans, how his back pains to date, yet he continues with his adventures in good stride.

Bear Grylls Shares Picture Of Wounded Back From Parachuting Accident 25 Years Ago
Bear Grylls is haunted by the pain of breaking his back, 25 years ago in a parachuting accident. The brainchild behind the popular Man vs Wild stated that he is in pain every day due to the horrific accident. In his Instagram post, Grylls revealed how his injury troubled him every single day. He also gave insights into his treatment and how it helps him in his recovery. He captioned the post, “People sometimes ask me if my back ever hurts having broken it all those years ago in a parachuting accident. The answer is every day. And the treatment I get for it can be quite intense but life can at times be a battle for everyone and most people have their stuff to carry with them through the adventures. I choose just to be grateful for the opportunity to still be able to live life as best I can.” He added that he undergoes ice treatment to keep his mind and body strong.

The Parachute Didn’t Inflate & He Landed On His Back
The renowned TV was skydiving in Zambia in 1996. During the course of his adventure, the parachute failed to inflate. This caused him to land on his back. And at the young age of 21, Grylls fractured three vertebrae and underwent a year of rehabilitation. But Bear Grylls, being the inspiration, that he is, pushed himself to recover. And 2 years after this tragic skydiving accident, he successfully climbed the summit of Mount Everest. At that time, Bear Grylls proudly held the record for the youngest Brit to reach the summit.

Despite Undergoing Back Pain; He Continues Inspiring People Through His Adventures
On reading Grylls’ post on his struggle with chronic back pain, fans poured him with lots of love. They were impressed with the star’s utter honesty and confidence in showing them his vulnerability. They praised him for his grit. One follower stated, You’re a true inspiration Bear, I have herniated discs in my lower back and someday the pain is awful but you help with positivity.” Another netizen was shocked to know he undergoes daily ice treatment for comfort. Bear Grylls is truly an inspiration.

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