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Black Beach To The Vanishing Beach: Bookmark These Unusual Beaches In India For Your Next Trip!

To the point: When you think of the beach you think of sun, sand and waves. If Goa comes to your mind then let us tell you India has an impressive coastline and many beaches dotted on it are beautiful with pristine blue waters and white sands (well some of them). However, we bring you the most unique and unusual beaches one can find in India. So read on!

Bangaram Beach,

Lakshadweep Forget about the reel Avatar and instead check out this real Avatar-like beach on the Lakshadweep Island that glows in the dark. Lit up in luminescent blue, it is the phytoplankton and algae which glow with a bluish tinge (iridescent blue) in the dark. As the waves crash on the shore and agitate the algae it starts to glow in the dark. It also has the same effect if you walk in the water or splash it around. In short, the beach looks like a scene out of a fairytale. Summer months are the best time of the month to watch them glow.

Navapur Beach, Maharashtra

Navapur is a small sleepy little hamlet that not many of us would have heard before but it is home to treasures and tranquillity that go beyond the imagination. One half of Navapur is in Maharashtra and the other half in Gujarat. Surrounded by hills on either side, the beach is not your regular kind. It is a beautiful shade of jet black! The Navapur black beach is one that is home to naturally occurring black sand. A quiet secluded beach, a few shanties around that serve poha to devour and chai to slurp on to keep your stomach from growling with hunger, and a true wonder of nature to feast your eyes on; a trip to Navapur beach is one we definitely recommend!

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kerala

Housed in Kannur, Kerala, Muzhappilangad Beach is Asia’s longest drive-in beach. For all the beach bums out there, this needs to be on your list if you want to explore lesser-known and unusual beaches India has to offer. Drive (or ride) along the sandy 5 km-stretch with water splashing about you, while you take in the striking sunset views. Apart from this, you can also partake in adventure activities like parasailing and paramotoring to get your adrenaline pumping along with options like birdwatching for nature enthusiasts. Plan your trip during April to attend the beach festival that’s held here. Oh, and make sure to end your drive by tucking into some great seafood dishes (try the mussel dishes!) and snacks at a local eatery.

OM Beach, Gokarna

This is a must-visit and quite a popular beach for tourists visiting Gokarna. The beach gets its name due to its unique shape that spells out ‘Om’ in Devanagari script. The beach is tranquil in all its sense and you’ll find many people meditating, doing yoga, going for a dip or just chilling by the rocks. It does have a few shacks, but you can count them on your fingers. On the water sports front, they have banana boats, surfing, jet skiing and much more to make your beach visit a  memorable one. 

Chandipur Beach, Odisha

Chandipur Beach, AKA, the vanishing beach is located near Balasore in Odisha and it plays hide and seek with tourists. Why is it so unique? Because during low tide the beach recedes almost five to six km every day and then comes back again. When the water recedes, the flat seabed is perfect to go walk on and you can even take your cars or bikes on it! Cool right? It’s not like the Bolivian salt lakes, but close to it, I’d say! The white sand beach is great to catch a sunset or go take a dip in nature’s big swimming pool. 

Butterfly Beach, Goa

When you think of Goa, beaches are the first thing that comes to mind. The Butterfly Beach in Goa is a beach right out of your dreams!  It’s situated in the south of Goa and the closest spots from this beach are the Palolem beach and the Agonda beach. As the name suggests, you can spot tonnes of butterflies here and wait for it, dolphins too! This beach is known to be a favourite spot for dolphin spotting. Not just that, but you can also spot crabs, sea urchins and sea cucumbers early in the mornings. If you plan to visit the beach, make sure you go around sunset because the beach looks like a scene from a fairytale during that time.

Shettihalli Church, Karnataka

For all those taking a road trip to Gokarna from Bangalore, Shettihalli Church is a must-visit. This vanishing church was built in 1860 by French missionaries, the Shettihalli Church today stands in ruins but what makes it special is the fact that it is submerged in the Hemavati River during the monsoon season. It is not a beach per se, but during the monsoon months, the church is completely engulfed by the waters and only in the summers that the church can be seen in all its glory!  Over the years, the church has become a popular destination for people who are on the way to Gokarna. A favourite of the shutterbugs living in Bangalore and Mysore cities, the flooding offers a breathtaking reflection of the dilapidated church.

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