Sleep In A Tent Suspended Above A Forest Estate In Kerala & Enjoy Wildlife Spotting

Does anything say social distancing better than being out in the wild with more animals insight than humans? If you were looking to venture into the wild, you can do so in an extraordinary way by lodging in tents suspended above a forest estate. Yes, the unique Stingray Tribe campsite in Kerala’s Waynand, lets you sleep in a tent above a tea plantation. Read on to know more about this truly incredible place.

The Campsite Is In The Foothills Of Chembra
These camps can accommodate a maximum of 15 guests in the majestic tea plantations along the foothills of Chembra Peak. If you already did not know, the Chembra peak is one of the highest in the Western Ghats.

This camp also offers you a learning experience about wildlife and conservation. What’s more, the eco-friendly camps follow the highest quality and safety standards and are one of the most robust tents available in the world.

Enjoy Wildlife Spotting While Being Suspended In A Tent
So the tents can accommodate 2 to 3 people and give you plenty of space to move around inside. Since the tents are suspended above the ground, you can experience living in the wild while being protected from insects as well as animals. Sure the tents come with minimum luxuries, but they promise the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in a camp.

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The Campsite Has A Set Up For Campfire And Star Gazing
There are two built-in toilets in the campsite and a super cool suspended wooden platform where screen. nature films. They also have a fully up-cycled set up for a campfire at night and a platform where you can just lie down and gaze at the stars. Here are 5 Gorgeous Stargazing Spots Near Bangalore We Bet You Didn’t Know About.

While you relax in the tent, you can enjoy some wild animal spotting with dears, elephants, and birds galore. Not only that. You can also go trekking in the forests, enjoy a swim in the springs.

Wish to disconnect from reality and connect with nature? Book yourself this magical experience.