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Sunday, February 5, 2023

South Korea’s Packaging Tape Became A Source of Hope for Parents With Missing Children

661 children in South Korea have been missing for over a year, and 638 of them for at least five years. It is unfortunate that people become more indifferent the longer they are absent.
To stop people from forgetting about these kids, the Korean National Police Agency and Cheil Worldwide created the Hope Tape – packaging with 28 missing children’s information. The Hope Tape was launched on International Missing Children’s Day (25th May) to raise awareness and help find long-term missing children.

Using AI technology, the agency created age-processed images of the children to showcase what they would look like today, to put alongside a photograph of them from the time they disappeared.

Through the QR code on the tapes, users could access a database with more information and report any relevant information.

We partnered with a local e-commerce platform to use the tape packaging, and anyone sending a parcel via Korea Post could use it.

With the help of the packages, more than 630,000 people got the message across the country in less than a month, spreading information more effectively than any flyer ever could. The outcome was equal to 100,000 flyers distributed per missing child.

It is still a dream for many parents of children missing that their kids will turn up someday. The Hope Tape became a way to deliver crucial information about missing children directly to the doorsteps of people throughout the nation. It drew attention to the pressing issue unlike ever before.

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