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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Thailand To Allow Vaccinated Tourists To Skip Quarantine Upon Arrival

With pristine blue waters, picturesque islands and idyllic setting, Thailand is obviously our favourite destination. And guess what? You can soon visit your preferred destination once again. Well, if you have taken a jab for the covid-19 virus, then Thailand is welcoming you by waving off the quarantine rules. Excited, already? Here’s everything you must know.

Vaccinated Travelers Can Now Visit Phuket From July 01, 2021
Thai authorities on Friday have agreed to let vaccinated foreigners travel its most prominent holiday island- Phuket, without undergoing quarantine. It means that travellers who have received the vaccine can visit Phuket from July 1, after the island inoculates 70 per cent of its residents.

The plan is to relaunch tourism on the island, ahead of the rest of the country. The authorities have agreed on this after local business groups mapped a plan to purchase enough vaccine to reach herd immunity on the island and thus open for travel.

Thailand Aims To Vaccinate 60 Per Cent Of Population By End Of 2021
Hence, while announcing the tourism news, authorities also announced a new order of five million doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. Thailand aims to inoculate around 60 per cent of its population before opening the country to tourists. The mass vaccination drive is set to start in June, and the nation aims to vaccinate half of its population by year-end.

In comparison to other countries, Thailand has been largely successful in curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus. And with the vaccine drive and other things in the pipeline, we hope that Thailand opens for tourism and covid-19 leaves us pretty soon.

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