This Company Will Pay You ₹52,000 A Month For Quitting Instagram; Will You Do It?

Our screen time has exploded over a year. With the pandemic-hit world, scrolling through Instagram was the only solace. But now HowNow, an intelligent learning platform, is hoping you quit Instagram and open an educational app instead. Not convinced? They will pay you $692 which boils down to ₹52,000 a month if you can ‘hit’ close on Instagram.

Spend 58 Minutes A Day In Learning A New Skill
A study showed that an average adult spends 58 minutes on Instagram in a day. In an effort to change this addictive behavior, the platform is recruiting three members to replace their Instagram time with learning a new skill of their choice as part of its Study Contractors program. The company will pay the winning candidates $692 a month for three months to do it. Well, that is not a bad deal at all!

Earn $692 A Month For Three Months
With the lockdown announced all over the world, it seemed inevitable not to turn to our devices. However, it might be better to focus our energy on something more productive. HowNow wants to really put individuals to the test, and see just how proficient one can get at a new skill if they stop scrolling for just three months.

Choose The Study Programme Of Your Choice
The chosen candidates can choose what skills they learn and work remotely. It can be a new language or learning an instrument but it cannot be something they have studied before. . HowNow will also provide the Study Contractors with all the resources and tools to help the candidate.

The candidates will also have to submit weekly reports on their progress to their line manager. At the end of the three months, the candidates will have to present a new skill so HowNow can determine what level of proficiency one has managed to attain from 58 minutes of ‘study’ a day.

You need to be above 18 years to enroll in this study programme. Apply here –