This Glass Cabin Is Perched On A Cliff In Varkala Overlooking Arabian Sea


High above the cliff in a secluded terrain of Varkala, lies this quaint triangular glass cabin that can be a perfect romantic hideout. Hosted by Deepak, this Airbnb property is a far cry from the bustling crowds and overlooks the vast, crystal clear Arabian sea. The cabin offers panoramic views of the ocean and also opens up to a private seashore. At Trip is Life, all that can accompany you and your bae are the crashing sounds of waves, the golden sands, the undulating rocks, the towering palms, the chirrups of birds and a lush green lawn. It’s a dainty refuge from all the madness to experience quietness and romanticism in their best forms.

A Dreamlike Cocoon In A Private Sea Shore…
The Varkala beach, along with a winding stretch of a cliff that extends over the Arabian Sea, has a highly intimate vibe around it. And Trip is Life offers a dream-like stay in the tranquillity of this magical beach. From reading books undisturbed, playing the chords of the guitar and unwinding on the hammock to sitting on the soft grasses and soaking in the ocean breeze, every experience is surreal at this cocoon.

You can laze on the bed inside the cabin and watch breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, or gaze upon the star-studded sky at night. The interior of the cosy cabin has wooden walls, comfortable beds and couches with all the necessary amenities.

Treat Your Eyes On The Serene Beach While Taking Sips Of Coffee
At the glass cabin, you can wake up to the oceans every morning while taking sips of tea or coffee. The place is ideal for throwing up a surprise birthday party for your loved one or to propose her for marriage. Once you’re at this place, you won’t be able to return fully, as a piece of your heart will surely be left there forever. You can also leave the abode for some time to indulge in a leisurely walk along the beach.

Rates of staying here start at around ₹14,000/night, but a halt here can surely be a mind-boggling therapy to the body, mind and soul. To book your stay,