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Top 10 Himalayan Lake Treks to be in your Checklist

The Great Himalaya Mountain ranges continue to be the ultimate trek destination for adventure lovers. Blended with inducing flora & fauna and beautiful lakes, one can find peace and solace during the Himalayan lake trek. Top Himalayan Lake Treks to be Included in Your Checklist Lake are Rakshatal in Tibet, Lake Manasarovar at Mount Kailash, Rara Lake and Tilicho Lake Nepal. While the list is endess, these are a few of the expeditions one can try out during lake treks.

Top Himalayan Lake Treks to be Included in Your Checklist
1. Deoria Tal Trek- Uttarakhand
Perched at an elevation of 2438mts above the sea level,Deoria Tal Trek is the most amazing trek place in the Himalayan regions of India. During the mornings, the lake blesses its tourists with the enigmatic reflection of Chaukhamba Peaks through its crystal clear water. Also written as Deoriatal or Devariyatal, the lake is nestled among the dense trees and serves as the best trekking destination.

The trekking is quite medium and offers a rewarding experience to trekkers. Once you reach at the top of the hills nearby, you can get bird-eye views of Saari Village and its lush green paddy fields. One can explore this lake trek throughout the year.

Best Package : Snow Trek to Deoria Tal And Chandrashila Peak, Uttarakhand

2. Chandratal Lake Trek- Himachal Pradesh
This treasure trove is apt for amateur trekkers give an opportunity to get a glimpse of Spiti and Lahaul Valley, while passing the Bara Shigri Glacier in Himachal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 4270 meters. The lake is shaped like a half moon and is set in the large meadow within lower ridge and Kunzum range.

Himlayan Fantasy

The Chandratal Lake trek ends at the top of the Baralacha Pass (4830 m), marking the highest trekking point. During the Chandratal Lake Trek, one can pass through some amazing views of Lahaul range, peaks like Minar (6172 M), Talagiri (6279 M), Tara Pahar (6227 M) and Mulkila (6517 M).
In the early days, tourists had to walk to reach the lake, but now transportation is available. However, trekkers still prefer walking. One of the unique parts of the Chandra Tal Lake is its colour that keeps changing from reddish to orange to blue to emerald green as the day ends. The best time to enjoy the Chandratal Lake trek is between June to mid Oct.
Best Package : Chandratal Lake Trekking Over Hampta Pass

3. Roopkund Trek- Uttarakhand

Rookund is the famous glacial lake located in the state of Uttarakhand. Famous for having five hundred skeletons of humans at the edge of the lake, the lake attracts thousands of tourists every season. With the altitude of 4,800 meters, Roopkund is located at the Chamoli District of Garhwal region.

Many adventure tourists visit this Himalayan Lake trek destination to enjoy the beauty of the place. The starting point of this trek is the Lohajung and one can pass through some beautiful locations around. Waterfalls, temples and peaks make the Roopkund Trek worth.
During the trek, one can come also set a campsite at Ghora Latoni. Also, there is certain crisscrossing which can make trek difficult. The best time to trek is May first to June and September to November.
Best Package : Roopkund Trek, Uttaranchal

4. Great Lakes Trek- Jammu and Kashmir

The virgin beauty and the poetic visuals of the Great Lakes in J&K shouldn’t be missed. Being the most beautiful place on earth, it’s a crime to miss doing an adventure trek in J&K. The trek duration is generally of 7-9 days and is graded as moderate to challenging.

The Great Lakes Trek demands physical fitness and mental determination, due to harsh climatic condition you’ll come across the midway. The best time to enjoy the trek is between June and September, when the climate is cool and is blessed with ample greenery. Maple trees, Silver Birch Trees and different types of trees can be seen on your way to the destination. It’s one of the life time experiences which you shouldn’t miss.
Best Package : Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

5. Bhrigu Lake Trek: Himachal Pradesh
With the altitude of 14,000 ft, trekking at Bhrigu Lake is itself an adventure. Located in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, the trekking offers some breath taking views of snow-capped mountains and lush meadows, it is an activity to do in kullu for a new experience of the vast landscape.

One of the reasons why trekkers prefer this lake trek is because of the natural extravaganza the location offers and is the most challenging one to perform. One can enjoy the breathtaking views of Seven Sister Peaks or Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba, the outstretched Pir Panjal ranges and many more during the trek. Starting from May to October is considered as the best season for Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Best Package : Bhrigu Lake Trek

6. Kareri Lake Trek- Himachal Pradesh
With the elevation of about 3,300 meters in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Kareri Lake trek is worth a visit. It is one of the highest altitude lakes in the Indian Himalayan region and the lake is formed by the inflow of melted waters from Mankiani Peak. The lake serves as the base region for trekkers and getting deep into the Dhauladhar range and towards Minkani Pass.

Credits:Travel Roots

The trek passes through gushing streams and lush green meadows giving an eye-pleasing visual. Originating from Mcleodganj town and leading to Kareri village, the lake passes through some amazing places. The best time for Kareri Lake Trek is between- May- June & Sept-Oct.
Best Package: Kareri Lake Trek Experience
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Also, see the bucket list of best trekking packages in McLeodganj!

7. Chadar Trek- Ladakh
One of the most trekked locations in India, Chadar Lake lies deep within the whirly passages of snow-clad Ladakh mountains. It is a frozen river, which is quite a difficult trek on due to the thick blanket of snow over it. Chadar, which is referred to the blanket at the Zanskar river, is a generally rapid running lake but turns into a blanket during the extreme winter season. The best season to enjoy the trek is between, January to February.

Top Himalayan Lake Treks to be Included in Your Checklist
Credits:Trip Designers

The Zanskar river during the winter season looks like an ice sheet and walking over the most challenging situations. While most of the trek is completed by walking, trekkers may even have to climb icy rocks and boulders during the journey.
With the temperature ranging below 15 degrees during the day time, the temperature falls to -35 degrees during the night. The Chadar Frozen lake trek is an experience who carry brave heart and enjoy extreme adventure thrills. The general trekking duration is of 9 days covering various regions of Ladakh.
Best Package : Chadar Trek Frozen River Zanskar Trek

8. Prashar Lake Trek- Himachal Pradesh
The Prashar Lake which gets frozen in the winter season, gives a dazzling beauty around. It is one of the many jewels of Himachal Pradesh. Located in the Mandi city, there are many stunning visuals around that attracts tourists.

Credits:Sky Scrapper City

There is a 13th century Pagoda which is dedicated to the sage Prashar. During the trekking, it is advised to stay hydrated because as you keep passing there can be many challenges further. The best time to enjoy Prashar Lake Trek is between June to September.
Best Package : Prashar Lake Trek, Himachal Pradesh

9. Dodital Lake- Uttarakhand
Dodital lake is nestled at the high mountains at an altitude of 3,310mts above the sea level. The entire lake is surrounded by serene settlings. Named after rare Himalayan Trouts known as Dodi, the lake is among the few water bodies found in Himalayan Trouts.

Credits:Just Wravel

One needs at least 5 days of trekking where places can be covered are- Uttarakashi- Sangam Chatti- Agoda- Dodital-Darwa Top. The best time to visit Dodital Lake is February to April & July to December, when the temperature remains between 20 degrees to -2 degree.
Best Package : Dodital Trek, Uttarakhand

10. Tso Lhamo Lake Trek- Sikkim
While visiting one of the most beautiful state in Northeast India, Sikkim, one can expect a visually stunning trekking experience here. Tso Lhamo lake is the 14th high altitude lake located in the northern part of the Sikkim and is set at the elevation of 5,486 meters,

While it passes through Donkiala Pass leading to Tiberan Border, one can enjoy the beautiful ambience nature sets here. If you love biking, then this is the perfect destination, but need a special permit from Government of Sikkim. Ideal time to enjoy the Tso Lhamo lake trek is during October to November.

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