Worship Digitally : New Digital Initiative To ‘Worship From Home’ For Andhra Temples

Limitations due to the COVID pandemic have put a standstill on the daily life routine including visits to temples and participation in rituals. Andhra Pradesh has taken a step that will bring a smile to many temple goers and devotees, the government has launched a program ‘Paroksha Seva’ for the devotees to digitally engage in rituals that they have been far from due to the lockdown. The Endowments Department of the Andhra Pradesh government has introduced a ‘Worship From Home’ initiative to allow followers to visit and participate in temple rituals virtually. According to Principal Secretary (Endowments) G Vani Mohan, the services have started in 121 temples in the last month and will extend to 500 temples across the state soon, reported The New Indian Express.

Book Your Slot Online

Officials explained that devotees can choose the temple in which online services are provided, pay for the services using their debit/credit card and watch the pooja from their homes using the government temple management website- www.tms.ap.gov.in. A YouTube link would be provided with the devotees through which they can participate in the live program. The website can also be used for booking a slot. The rituals are held daily from 7:30 am-9:30 am. The initiative, called ‘Paroksha Seva’ was conceived by the Principal Secretary of Endowments, G Vani Mohan, to create an opportunity for devotees to participate in the rituals when the COVID-19 curbs are in place. The initiative had begun last year in a few famous temples for a limited number of devotees to attend live programs. The state had announced that the lockdown restrictions would continue until June 15.

It is very good to see the union & state governments provide digital solutions to bridge the gap between pre & post COVID life. The Logical Indian appreciates any efforts and outcomes of digital solutions to reach the masses. The governments along with digital solutions should also ensure fast internet reaches to all people in the state and country as a whole.