Amazon Appstore, New Notepad, Taskbar Enhancements, and more are included in Windows 11.

Windows Team has begun rolling out new features for Windows 11 users, including a few new experiences. Amazon Appstore Preview, Taskbar enhancements, and two redesigned apps, including Media Player and Notepad, are included. As the updates are being rolled out in stages, it may take some time for them to appear on your PC.

Here is the list of features with details.:

Amazon Appstore Preview

Announced with Windows 11, the ability to install Android apps on your Windows PC is finally being made available to users in the US. You can download it from the Store and then download apps from the Mobile category. 

Taskbar Enhancements

The right-click menu on the Taskbar is still not back, but Microsoft is rolling out some enhancements that will make it more useful.

  • Mute/unmute & share any window from the Taskbar: Any active Window using a microphone will get an active icon on the Taskbar. It will be available along with the rest of the icons on the System tray.
  • Weather on the Taskbar: The weather information will now sit at the left extreme corner of the Taskbar. When you click on it, you will get to the Windows Widget along with the weather information. Otherwise, it will simply display the weather icon and temperature.
  • The clock on a second monitor: It will be the most helpful feature for those who use dual monitors. You can get to see the clock on both of them by default.

New Media Player & Notepad Upgrade

Windows Media Player has finally received an upgrade, and it’s a major one. The features include

  • Browse, play music and create a Playlist
  • Automatic music discovery
  • Optimized for accessibility
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts and access keys
  • The older playlist will be migrated automatically

In terms of Notepad, it now has a lot of features that make it more valuable as a tool than just a place where you paste text to remove formatting.

  • Freshly redesigned user interface
  • Dark Mode
  • Windows 11 design
  • Simplified menu
  • Multi-level undo, colorful emojis, and a modern and efficient find-and-replace experience.

While these are not significant updates, looking at these, it is clear that Microsoft is keeping its promise and rolling out features as it promised. Amazon Appstore will be one of the most prominent features that many waited for, followed by other features.