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How To Add Your Precise Home Address Into Google Maps With Plus Codes?

Google has announced a new feature for its widely used Google Maps service in India. Using the Google Plus Codes, users can share and save their important addresses in the form of 6-7 alphanumeric codes.

Google Plus Code, which was first introduced in the country in 2018, has been widely used by different businesses, NGOs, and other entities and is now being extended to home addresses.

Google Maps Codes: What are These?

Until now, Indian users could only enter the name of the place they wanted to search for or travel to using Google addresses.

However, one can now save key addresses with a combination of 6 or 7 numbers and let letters town or city’s name, by using latitudes and longitudes instead of relying on ambiguous and often difficult to spell street or locality names.

According to Amanda Bishop, Google Maps Product Manager,

Plus Codes was piloted in India a month ago, and over 300,000 users have already found their home address using it.

We are looking forward to expanding to more types of locations and are actively seeking partners in e-commerce, logistics, and delivery companies to scale up the experience to more people across the globe.

Google will launch this feature first for Android users and iOS users.

Benefits of Google Maps Codes

No matter how dense a cluster might be, one’s location can be found quickly with it, and because it has a shorter length than global coordinates.

Furthermore, these coordinates do not require an internet connection to work, so they can be used in regions with patchy internet or in areas without it.

Language is not a factor in these Plus Codes. Each Plus code represents a unique geographic location, according to Google.

Our user studies discovered that people are not always looking for pinpoint accuracy and approximated approximate information. We experimented with the length of the code. One does not need all of the ten characters in the code. Some characters represent the city, and we took those out and added it to the end.”.

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