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Microsoft gets aggressive with ads in the Outlook app

In your Inbox on Android and iOS smartphones running Microsoft’s Outlook app, you will see more ads disguised as emails. Outlook now displays ads every time you open it. The recent update from Microsoft has made avoiding ads more difficult for users of the free version of the app.

Microsoft gets aggressive with ads in the Outlook app

Outlook’s mobile app is familiar to those who use it. In the Outlook mobile app, you can organize your emails into three categories: Inbox, Focused, and Other. A Focused tab indicates that only important emails are shown, whereas an Other tab shows all your emails.

In the Outlook mobile app settings, you can enable or disable the Focused Inbox tab. If you disable the Focus Inbox tab, you will see only the single Inbox view. Previously, the ads were only displayed under the Other tab for free users. But from now, the ads will also be displayed in the single Inbox view. This attempt from Microsoft has left only one option for the users who do not want to see ads in their Inbox, they have to purchase Microsoft 365 subscription. However, Microsft has mentioned a way for the free users to avoid ads in their Inbox.

“For free users of Outlook, ads are shown in their inbox and they can choose to enable the ‘Focused inbox’ feature if they would like to see ads only in the ‘Other’ inbox”


From the above statement, it is clear that you have to enable the Focused Inbox view mode in Outlook mobile app to avoid ads. After that, you will see ads only under the Other tab. You can dismiss the ads simply by swiping them to the left or right, and this action will delete the ad. However, another advertisement will appear in your Inbox after some time.

Nobody likes ads. But from now, for the users who want to avoid ads Outlook mobile app, Microsoft has made no choice except to purchase the Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

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