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‘Nearby’ feed experimented with by TikTok to promote local content

TikTok users currently have two different feeds to choose from on the popular short video platform. Unlike the main “For You” feed, which features a mix of suggestions and content from your followers, the “Following” feed features videos from your friends. However, users may soon have access to a third feed called “Nearby.”

TikTok has been experimenting with a new “Nearby” feed, as first revealed by social media consultant Matt Navarra. As the name suggests, this feed will promote local content. Besides helping users find more relevant videos, we also want to help people find interesting events and places nearby.

According to TechCrunch, TikTok has been testing the new “Nearby” feed with a small group of Southeast Asian users. The “Home” tab of the app will display all three feeds for users selected for the test. Of course, a feature like this will require the user to allow the TikTok app to access the device’s location.

TikTok and Instagram competing with Snapchat

In addition to launching the “Nearby” feed, TikTok is also trying to catch up with Snapchat, which offers a similar feature. Currently, Snapchat users can explore a map with content shared nearby. More recently, Instagram also launched a similar feature in its app, so that users can discover new places based on other people’s content.

Interestingly, one of Google’s executives acknowledged that more people have been using TikTok to find new places, which certainly has an impact on Google search. As an example, you can search for videos of a restaurant directly on TikTok rather than Google for information about it.

Having a “Nearby” feed also opens up new opportunities for local advertisers on TikTok. TikTok has not announced when (or whether) this new feed will be expanded to more regions.

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