Now Quora too launches its AI chatbot called Poe


Since the rise of ChatGPT, there has been a steady stream of AI bots making their way to the forefront, all looking to become the leader in their respective fields. One such upcoming bot is a tool known as Poe, an AI chatbot from Quora that makes it possible for users to ask questions and get instant answers.

Quora launches its AI chatbot called Poe

The option is also there to have back-and-forth conversations with Poe if the user is interested. Now, one of the interesting aspects of Poe is the fact that it is powered by OpenAI along with Anthropic. However, the developers envision that in the future, Poe will be powered by a large number of models.

This could be a huge deal since different models can be optimized for different tasks, and as such, represents a difference in viewpoints across the board. The creator believes some companies may choose to fine-tune models created by other developers or create their own models from the ground up.

CEO of Quora, Adam D’Angelo, hopes that Poe will help with reducing the amount of work required for AI developers to reach out to a large user base. At the moment, the Quora platform has over 400 million monthly visitors, and as such, D’Angelo hopes to make it super easy for each visitor to take advantage of Poe in the near future.

One should note that the Poe AI bot is not yet perfect, and may never become so. Still, it should be useful in some cases, but very much in others.

Folks who are interested can visit to give it a test drive. But bear in mind that it only works right now for some platforms. Support for others is right around the corner, so join the waiting list to be notified of availability.