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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Skype now lets you set Bing Image of the Day as virtual background.

In Skype, those who weren’t aware can add a virtual background while a video call is in progress. It is possible for users to add custom backgrounds, which means that any picture can be added. However, the folks at Microsoft have made some changes where folks can now add the Bing Image of the Day as a background. Obviously, this is a neat feature since the Bing image of the day is usually a high-resolution photo that looks nothing like anything else. The option to include such images in the background of your video calls is quite a neat feature.

Skype now lets you set Bing Image of the Day as virtual background.

The Head of Product for Skype tweeted the following:

What happens when Skype and Bing do a collab? Well, you get one of the most fun features in a video call.

Set your virtual background to the Bing image of the day now in Skype. It’s a great way to start your call and a fun way to break the ice.

How to set Bing Image of the Day as Skype’s virtual background?

  • If you want to use Bing images as your virtual background, you must first perform a video call.
  • When the call is active, hover over the video button and click the More menu button.
  • The nt step, then, is to select Choose background effect
  • The Bing icon is located at the top left area.

As Teams is the default messaging and video call app on Windows 11, we pect Microsoft to add this feature in the months to come.

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