Spotify Doubled Premium User Subscriptions in India in 2021.

Founded three years ago, the platform is still looking for investment opportunities in India. Spotify’s vice president of markets and subscriber growth, Gustav Gyllenhammar, said the company sees potential in India’s hundreds of millions of consumers.

Spotify, a Swedish audio streaming app, has doubled its India subscriber base in 2021. The world’s largest music streaming service competes with JioSaavn, Gaana, and other apps in India. According to a company executive, the platform registered double paid subscribers in 2021, making India one of the largest markets for the platform.

Spotify’s Growth in India

We have been in India for three years and continue to look for investment opportunities. Gustav Gyllenhammar, Spotify’s vice president of markets and subscriber growth, said in a statement that the company sees potential in India’s hundreds of millions of consumers. He explained that India has now entered a sort of “top echelon” of the company’s global market.

In terms of statistics, Gyllenhammar said about 150,000 playlists are created in India every day, placing the country among the top 20 countries in terms of playlist creation. Spotify is probably the most popular audio streaming platform in India and is rapidly growing. At the end of 2021, Spotify had about 406 million users. However, the company does not disclose subscriber numbers for individual markets.

Check Spotify India Premium Price

In India, Spotify offers very reasonable subscription fees for its platforms. These products are reasonably priced and specially curated for a variety of users. For just Rs 7 a day, users can obtain the company’s cheapest plan, called the ‘Mini’ plan. With this plan, you can download up to 30 songs to one mobile device and listen to music without ads.

The company also offers an individual plan for Rs 119 per month; however, users can receive it for Rs 799 for a one-time payment during the first year of service. The plan offers over 10,000 song downloads on five devices, along with ad-free music streaming. The duo plan costs Rs 149 per month for two accounts and offers the same benefits as the individual plan. Last but not least, Spotify offers a family plan that costs Rs 179 per month for six accounts.