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Top 10 Strangest Programming Languages Developers Are Using In 2022

In 2022, challenge your programming skills with the strangest programming languages

Developers and coders must be familiar with all sorts of programming languages used by reputable companies. Some of the strangest languages for developers present basic challenges for testing ideas. The weirdest coding languages can be used to express creativity, challenge design conventions, and enhance necessary skills. This article explores some of the top ten strangest programming languages for developers, which started as a joke but are now coveted on the global tech market.

Top ten strangest programming languages in 2022


LOLCODE is one of the top strangest programming languages designed to test the boundaries of programming language design. Programmers need to have a basic understanding of the LOLCODE programming language. This weirdest coding language constructs slang words such as HAI, KTHXBYE, BTW, OBTW, and many more.



The rockstar language is a popular oddity for developers creating programs that are also hair metal power ballads. Several open-source implementations are available, including articles in Classic Rock magazines. It is a fully-specified coding language with its own proprietary game engine called RAGE or Rockstar Advanced Game Engine.



Shakespeare is a well-known strangest programming language providing source code looking like the famous plays of William Shakespeare. It is Turing complete and offers the most useful error messages that are impossible to write with inevitable bugs. Developers or coders cannot use the console to start new scenes or acts with the unattributed lines spoken by the last speaker.



Chicken is one of the strangest languages for developers with a compiler and interpreter that implements a programming language called Scheme. It can support R5RS and R7RS whereas only one keyword is allowed to use. It shows the number of repetitions as well as the new lines to determine the opcode for the appropriate execution. This coding language is very easy to install with multiple libraries and extensions.



Glass is known as one of the weirdest coding languages combining an unintuitive postfix notation with heavy object-orientation and object-oriented structure. There are four different types of variables with parts separated by the format.



/// is one of the strangest languages for developers with a minimalist coding language consisting of one operation known as string substitution in the form of /source/replacement/. This programming language is very limited, while some coders have efficiently turned the weirdest programming language into a fully working coding language.



Piet is a well-known weirdest coding language whose programs consist of bitmaps to look like abstract paintings. The basic building block of this coding language is colour block with 20 different colours. The pointer moves around the image from one coloured area to another efficiently. It is known for using images as a source code.



English is a popular strangest programming language for developers and coders that can imitate natural-sounding language efficiently and effectively. The syntax is very loose to provide freedom of expression. There are no functions that a coder or programmer can define. It is necessary to use only the built-in ones for this weirdest coding language



Befunge is one of the top strangest programming languages as well as the oldest two-dimensional coding language. There are two main dialects known as the original Befunge-93 and Befunge-98. This coding language offers a two-dimensional playfield of fixed size to modify the program at the runtime.



Chef is known for being a programming language that looks like recipes. The main principle of this coding language is to programme recipes that are easy to prepare, delicious, and generate valid output efficiently. There are two concepts in this weirdest coding language: an ingredient and mixing bowls with baking dishes.

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