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Troubleshooting iPhone Connectivity: Resetting Network Settings

If you’re encountering connectivity problems with your iPhone, whether it’s struggling to connect to Wi-Fi networks or experiencing issues with cellular data, resetting your device’s network settings might just be the solution you need. This quick and straightforward troubleshooting tip is remarkably effective at resolving a range of network-related issues, providing a hassle-free fix to get your iPhone back online.

When Should You Reset Network Settings?

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings is the go-to fix when you’re facing any of the following issues:

  • Difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
  • Issues with staying connected to networks.
  • Bugs, glitches, or lagging related to internet connectivity.
  • General and consistent problems with network connections.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, resetting your network settings is often the quickest and most effective solution.

How to Reset Network Settings on Your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings is a simple process that can be completed directly from the Settings app on your device. Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings: Tap on “Settings” on your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Access General Settings: Scroll down and select “General” from the list of options.
  3. Find Reset Option: At the bottom of the General settings list, locate “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  4. Choose Reset: Tap on “Reset” and then select “Reset Network Settings” from the list of options.
  5. Enter Passcode: You’ll be prompted to enter your iPhone’s passcode to confirm the reset.
  6. Confirm Reset: After entering your passcode, confirm the reset. Your iPhone’s network settings will be reset to their default factory values.

What Happens After Resetting Network Settings?

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings will clear all network-related data stored on your device. This includes:

  • Wi-Fi passwords.
  • Saved Bluetooth connections.
  • VPN information.
  • Network preferences.

After the reset, your device will no longer remember any network names, login information, or paired devices. However, it’s important to note that resetting network settings does not delete any files, photos, texts, browsing history, or other data on your iPhone.


Resetting network settings on your iPhone is a quick and effective solution to various connectivity issues. While it may require you to reconnect to Wi-Fi networks and paired devices manually, the process is straightforward and can be completed within minutes. If you’re experiencing persistent network problems on your iPhone, a network settings reset is definitely worth a try.

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