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Will Google Drive stop offering unlimited storage for Whatsapp backups? Check This Out.

According to a recent report, Google may stop offering unlimited backup storage to WhatsApp users on Android.
In this way, the service provider intends to limit the free storage by setting up a quota.

Limiting Free Storage
Currently, Android users can backup their chat and media files on Google Drive without any restrictions.

Reports published on January 29, 2022, by WAbetaInfo state that Google might end its unlimited storage for storing backups for WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp’s update tracker discovered a new feature under development, which allows users to manage their WhatsApp chats while uploading them to Google Drive in order to reduce the size of the backup.
It doesn’t usually work this way, as WhatsApp backups don’t count against Google Drive’s storage limit.

Nevertheless, the existence of such a feature indicates that Google intends to end the unlimited storage that it provides to WhatsApp users.
How Does This Affect?

This could directly affect the WhatsApp users on Android as they might run out of storage for backups.

Besides this, the publication has also shared a screenshot showing the code behind the backup management feature that WhatsApp might launch in the near future.

So, these screenshots basically provide evidence of changes that are expected to be introduced in WhatsApp soon.

In functionality, these changes will notify users when their Google Drive storage quota is out because the backup storage limit is reached and when the changes will take place.

With this evidence, it can be concluded that Google is going to limit the unlimited storage it offers to WhatsApp users to store their backup.
But not to worry as there will still be a backup storage limit which will be free for users.

With this change, there might come a time when WhatsApp users have to choose the chats or media files they wish to backup and let go of others.
This would happen when Google plans to stop providing unlimited storage to Android users to back up their chats.

As of now, users need not worry as the Limited Google Drive Plan for WhatsApp is currently in progress.

So, users can still upload their chats and media files without the need of selecting them.

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