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Essay on Science in Everyday Life

Science is a big blessing to humanity. Furthermore, science, in spite of some of its negativities, makes lives better for people by removing ignorance, suffering and hardship. Let us take a look at the impact of science in our lives with this essay on science in everyday life.

                                                          Essay On Science In Everyday Life

Benefits of Science

Science very efficiently plays the role of being a faithful servant of man. In every walk of life, science is there to serve us. We require the benefits of science whether in our home, in office, in a factory, or outside.

Gone are the days when only wealthy people could afford luxuries. Science has made many luxurious items of the past cheaper in price and has brought them within the reach of everybody.

Computer technology is one huge benefit of science. Nowadays, it would be unimaginable to consider living without computing technology.

A huge number of professions now rely totally on the computer and the internet. Besides, the computer and the internet have become our biggest source of entertainment in our everyday life.

Automobiles, an important scientific invention, has made our lives easy by significantly reducing everyday commuting time. The air conditioner is another scientific invention that has made our lives bearable and comfortable in the face of extreme weather conditions. Also, in the field of medical science, high-quality medicines are available that quickly remove any ailment that can happen in everyday life like headache, sprain, cough, allergy, stomach ache, fatigue etc.

Dark Side of Science

In spite of its tremendous benefits, there is a negative side to science. Science, unfortunately, has also done some disservice to humanity due to some of its inventions.

One of the biggest harms that science has brought to humanity is in the field of armament. Although some hail the invention of gunpowder as a great achievement, humanity must rue the day when this invention happened.

Steadily and relentlessly, the use and perfection of gunpowder have taken place in many new and more destructive weapons. As such, humanity now suffers due to weapons like shells, bombs, artillery, and guns. Such weapons threaten the everyday life of all individuals.

Another disservice of science has been the emission of pollution. A huge amount of radioactive pollution is emitted in various parts of the world where nuclear energy production happens. Such pollution is very dangerous as it can cause cancer, radioactive sickness, and cardiovascular disease.

Of course, who can ignore the massive amount of air pollution caused by automobiles, another scientific invention. Furthermore, automobiles are an everyday part of our lives that emit unimaginable levels of carbon monoxide in the air every year. Consequently, this causes various lung diseases and also contributes to global warming and acid rain.

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Conclusion of the Essay on Science in Everyday Life

There is no doubt that science has brought about one of the greatest benefits to mankind, in spite of some of its negativities. Furthermore, science certainly has made the most impact in adding comfort to our everyday lives. As such, we must always show utmost respect to scientists for their efforts.

FAQs for Essay on Science in Everyday Life

Question 1: What is the most important or main purpose of science?

Answer 1: The most important or main purpose of science is to explain the facts. Furthermore, there is no restriction in science to explain facts at random. Moreover, science systematizes the facts and builds up theories that give an explanation of such facts.

Question 2: Explain what is a scientific fact?

Answer 2: A scientific fact refers to a repeatable careful observation or measurement that takes place by experimentation or other means. Furthermore, a scientific fact is also called empirical evidence. Most noteworthy, scientific facts are key for the building of scientific theories.

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