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Get Ready To Dispose Of Your Phones; Augmented Reality Lens Are The Next Big Thing!

Several engineers are attempting to make that concept a reality at a typical office building in Saratoga, California.

In the near future, contact lenses may replace our phones’ displays. The more important advancement will be augmented reality, which uses glasses or contact lenses to show information on the environment around us so that we may simultaneously observe the actual and virtual worlds.

One thing people enjoy doing is multitasking (but ineffectively in many contexts.) As we wear more gadgets on our bodies, such as earphones, watches, and soon eyeglasses, the newest development in invisible computing, phones will resemble small servers that control all of these devices.

According to Bloomberg, numerous engineers are striving to make that concept a reality at a typical office building in Saratoga, California.

They develop prototypes of smart contact lenses every week that includes one of the tiniest screens, circuits, and batteries. One of Silicon Valley’s most ambitious hardware projects at the present, the lenses created by Mojo Vision are a feat of engineering.

Chemical and plastic components were created by the business in order to enable an eyeball to breathe via an electronic lens. Unmistakably thick, the lenses are big enough to partially cover the whites of the eyes. David Hobbs, the startup’s senior director of product management, has worn many prototypes and claims that it is not unpleasant.

A flexible circuit little larger than a human hair and nine pacemaker-style titanium batteries provide power and data to the lens. A mirror with a small convexity that functions similarly to a telescope by reflecting light off a tiny reflector amplifies the pixels, which are packed into a space of only two microns, or 0.002 millimeters. That small display appears as a pinprick of light from a few feet away.

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