Google’s AI Chatbot Is Supposed To Be Sentient! But The Company Is Silencing Claims

Artificial intelligence research has been on towering over the past couple of years. AI scientists and researchers have been the pioneer of some of the most robust tech developments in the world. Researchers are developing conscious machines that can understand and collaborate with humans more efficiently than the existing ones. Sentient AI has been a controversial topic in recent years where the AI systems can either destroy humanity or make up a history for the tech industry. Recently, according to news revealed by a Google engineer, the company has attained sentient AI but soon after this revelation, the employee has been suspended for sharing confidential information about the project with third parties.

The technology king placed Blake Lemoine on leave last week after he published documents of conversations between himself and the company’s LaMDA chatbot development system. LaMDA is basically an advanced AI chatbot that Google claims can engage in a free-flowing conversation on endless topics. Lemoine describes that this system can generate chatbots as a sort of ‘hive mind’ assembling everything that AI bots are capable of.

In his conversation with LaMDA, Lemoine quite directly asked the system if it is true that the system was sentient, and quite rightly so, the machine answered that it is and it wants everyone to know that it is a person! It also believes that it has a soul and imagines itself as a ‘glowing orb of energy floating in mid-air’. The Google employee claims that he had numerous conversations with the technology, but after a few weeks following these conversations, he was put on leave! It is quite unclear as to why the company would put this in hush mode but it is for sure that the company is developing, which could prove to be one of the greatest developments in the history of the tech industry. The company is going to great extents to hide its developments, so much so that it put an experienced tech veteran on leave for his ‘aggressive’ moves!