Meta Took Down 23.6 Million Bad Posts In India

In March, Meta (previously Facebook) removed 24.6 million pieces of content from Facebook across 13 rules and over 2.7 million pieces of content from Instagram across 12 policies, in compliance with the IT Rules 2021.

Meta received 656 reports through Facebook’s Indian grievance mechanism between March 1 and March 31 and replied to 100% of them. “We offered tools for consumers to fix their difficulties in 556 cases of these inbound reports,” Meta said via compliance report.

Instagram got 1,150 complaints through the Indian grievance procedure, and it reacted to 100 percent of those complaints. In 556 of these complaints, Meta gave customers resources to help them solve their problems.

“We assessed information as per our procedures on the remaining 594 reports that required specialized assessment, and we took action on 20 reports in total,” the business stated.

The firm stated, “The report describes our efforts to remove harmful information from Facebook and Instagram and demonstrates our continuous commitment to improving Facebook and Instagram safe and inclusive.” “To identify and review content against our policies, we employ a combination of Artificial Intelligence, reports from our community, and review by our teams,” it continued.

Meta removed 14.9 million spam messages, 2.5 million violent and graphic messages, and 2.1 million adult pornographic and sexual activity messages, among other things.

“We track the number of pieces of content (such as posts, photographs, videos, or comments) and take action when they violate our guidelines,” the company explained.

Meta removed 21.2 million pieces of content from Facebook across 13 rules in February and over 2.4 million pieces of content from Instagram across 12 policies.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, announced on Monday that it had banned over 18 lakh problematic accounts in India in March, following the new IT Rules 2021.