Xiaomi’s Offers Smart Glasses Too, With A Built-In Display

These are a bit more advanced than Facebook's version.


Within a few days of Facebook and Ray-Ban unveiling their fairly pedestrian smart glasses, Xiaomi has launched its own smart glasses, and these are a lot more exciting.
These Xiaomi Smart Glasses appear to be regular sunglasses, but they fit with a MicroLED display in the right lens, a 5-megapixel camera on the front, a quad-core ARM processor, and a battery well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The glasses are powered by Android, though Xiaomi doesn’t specify which version.

There is probably nothing more interesting than the display. A MicroLED display is similar to an OLED, but it has a higher pixel density, a longer lifespan, and a simpler structure, which Xiaomi claims makes integration easier. There is no fancy display, as it must allow light to pass through so that you can see through the glasses – it’s a monochrome display that can show you information like a clock, texts, and navigation instructions.

Moreover, Xiaomi positions the device in a very interesting manner. Smart Glasses are a device, not an accessory, that is independent of your smartphone. With them, you can make and receive phone calls, take photos, read texts, translate, and much more, all without using your smartphone. Additionally, the glasses have some Xiaomi AI smarts built in as well.

Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses will draw comparisons with Google Glass, which had a built-in display but was ultimately scrapped as a mass-market product, with Google instead turning it into a professional tool. We’ll see if Xiaomi’s version is able to avoid that fate, but for now, Xiaomi’s positioning its Smart Glasses as a product that anyone can use.

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