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You May No Longer Need To Show ID Proofs In Airports Across India

Airports in India are soon introducing facial recognition technology, allowing travellers to authenticate themselves without identity cards. This technology is being launched under the government’s DigiYatra scheme. So come August 31, passengers from the Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Vijayawada, Kolkata and Pune airports without boarding passes or other IDs. This technology at airports will be placed at various checkpoints. With this, airports are likely to see a fall in waiting time & long queues.

DigiYatra Scheme: Introducing Facial Recognition Technology At Airports

Media reports suggest the Airports Authority Of India is also a stakeholder in this project, along with the non-profit Digi Yatra Foundation, which will be responsible for integrating all the systems. Travellers have to submit their Aadhar details for the registrations initially. While travelling, travellers’ face will be their identity proof. As per reports, the data shared with the airports will be encrypted. There will be no need for physical or hardcopy of identity proofs, and the biometric check will be enough for passengers to enter the airport security check area and even board the flight.

How Safe Is The Facial Recognition Technology?

The facial recognition technology under the DigiYatra scheme will facilitate easy systems and smooth operations within the airports. Travellers can easily self-drop their baggage, check in using the technology, and avoid the multiple checkpoint hassles they go through at airports.

This technology will further enhance and facilitate paperless travel and initiate a centralised registration system.

Although, a few privacy experts have raised concerns regarding facial recognition technology. Anushka Jain of the Internet Freedom Foundation told Hindustan Times that there is less clarity over airports sharing the public information with other parties. She also questioned how accurately the technology would work at airports. She also said that there might be chances that some travellers might have a mismatch with their photos, leading to further hassles.

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