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6 Worst COVID-19 Travel Mistakes People Are Making Right Now

While travel anywhere inside India is an absolute no-no amid the concerning Covid second wave, if you’re travelling in or outside India for an emergency or any other relevant reason, then you need to keep some things in mind. After all, there are certain travel mistakes that people are making right now. And you must make sure you take utmost care of yourself and your loved ones while you travel. So help you travel safer and better, here are 6 worst travel mistakes people are making right now.

1. Not Taking A Covid Test Before Flying
Your bags are packed, safety gear in check and an airport taxi is booked. Is that all? Or are you forgetting something? It’s the RT-PCR test report. This is the most important item to check off your list. Whether you travel in India or abroad make sure you take an RT-PCR test at least 72 hours before departure. Most countries have mandated a negative test certificate issued 72 hours before boarding. Schedule a test at least 2 days before departure, so you can receive the negative test report the same evening. And you can print it out and take it with you. Whether you take it at a hospital, local healthcare centre or a home visit, don’t miss out on this. A negative test report can help you reduce your quarantine period or skip it entirely on reaching your destination.

2. Neglecting Travel Updates & Changing Rules
With the coronavirus pandemic creating havoc in our lives, travel rules keep changing all across India and abroad. Earlier countries like the USA and the UK banned travellers from India. After a month, they once again opened their borders for travellers stuck in India. This is just one example. So, one of the biggest travel mistakes you can do is neglecting travel updates and changing rules. While these rules may not apply to you for the time being, when you wish to travel especially in an emergency situation, they will come back to bite you. So, it’s necessary to keep yourself abreast with daily news. So, check entry and exit requirements o the destination you’re travelling to. Understand if you need to show a Covid negative test certificate, the quarantine duration or even the type of vaccine permitted to enter the country. Moreover, the information you find out today can change tomorrow. So browse government websites or call travel providers if you’re unsure.

3. Not Considering Covid Precautions Before Booking Accommodation
Once you book your flights, you might have to book accommodation. During this time, ensure you take all Covid precautions into consideration before booking your stay. Check the property’s website and confirm the cancellation policy before booking. Many hotels and apartments on rent, currently offer flexible cancellation policies to attract reservations. When you’re seeking a room or apartment, take the pandemic into consideration. It’s okay to splurge a little if you will be staying indoors for long whether it’s for a workation or any other reason. A private pod, quiet room, apartment with a kitchenette, good Wi-Fi, lake views can be taken into account. You can also ask for discounts and upgrades, since there are not many people staying in hotels right now, your request might be met.

4. Forgetting To Carry Extra Gloves, Sanitisers & Masks For The Whole Trip
In addition to RT-PCR tests and paperwork, there are masks, sanitisers, gloves, and even PPE kits for the airport to consider. Adding an extra layer to your clothing can definitely keep you safe while flying during the pandemic. When you’re sitting in close quarters with fellow passengers in a flight, you must pack enough gloves, masks and sanitisers for the whole journey. The captain might even ask you to change your mask every 5 hours during long haul flights. With wet wipes, you can also wipe down your seating area. When it comes to airports, the experience isn’t fun like no before. With many food outlets and bars closed, you might not get healthy food to eat during your trip. So carry sufficient snacks with you. Forgetting to carry extra masks, gloves and sanitisers for the whole trip, is one of the worst mistakes you can make while travelling.

5. Assuming There Are No Cheap Alternatives
You might be extremely restless to leave your house and get out on the first plane you can find. Well, take a deep breath. You can spend a few moments looking for cheaper alternatives because there are. As more people get vaccinated, especially in the USA, travel is slowly skyrocketing. But you don’t need to jump at the very first chance. Be flexible with your travel, research on cheaper flights, necessary Covid requirements and more before you book your flight. Travel mid-week, this can cave you a fortune. Be patient, stay safe and make sure you don’t blow your entire budget on one trip.

6. Thinking You Are Invincible
Many fully vaccinated travellers assume they are invincible. But that’s not the case. They are still prone to coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated. Passengers who have a negative Covid test result also think the same. Travellers need to remembers that they tested negative on a Covid test, only for that moment. So, despite having a negative Covid test result or being fully vaccinated, travellers still need to take all precautionary measures during their journey. So, wear your masks at all times, even double mask if necessary. Wear gloves and use hand sanitisers. Travel responsibly at all times. This should be your mantra. Never make the mistake of thinking you are invincible. You’re not. And that’s the bitter truth.

If you plan to travel in India or abroad, make sure you don’t make these travel mistakes. Travel safeky and responsibly. Be patient and care for the safety of yourself and other passengers.

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