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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Aston Martin To Shun Pure-ICE Cars In Favour Of Hybrids & EVs

From 2026, Aston Martin will no longer sell cars powered by pure combustion engines

The British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin says 2026 will be the right year to say good-bye to its pure internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Nope, Aston is not letting go of its ICEs for good. Rather, the brand aims to have a fully electrified model range from 2026 and the line-up will include hybrids.

So, petrol-powered supercars made by the marque will live on, yay! It is just a minor inconvenience that they will weigh more than if they were pure petrol-powered models due to electric assistance.

The DBX only recently received a more powerful, flagship variant with stonking 707 PS of power

Chairman of the firm, Lawrence Stroll has gone on record to state that not all customers of Aston Martin want an electric vehicle (EV). Thus, the company plans to keep making models that feature an ICE till regulations allow.

However, Aston Martin admits that it will offer electric cars in the future. While hybrids will be sold alongside them, the DBX will be the first model from the brand to embrace hybridization.

The luxury SUV will get a mild-hybrid version later this year in the Chinese market, while a plug-in hybrid version will be available in global markets in 2024 when the car gets its facelift.

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