Bajaj To Launch Its First Electric Bike To Challenge Revolt, TVS, Hero: Features, Price, Launch Date

Bajaj has registered a trademark application for the Freerider moniker in India.
The trademark request has been submitted for the ‘Freerider’ name under Class 12. Various automobiles, including electric ones, are included in this class. KTM already offers a lightweight electric motorcycle called the Freeride E-XC since it has been speculated that the Freerider may be Bajaj’s first electric-powered motorcycle.
Design And Features Of The Bajaj Freerider
The Bajaj Freerider is anticipated to use the same platform as the Husqvarna E-Pilen. Components such as the frame, suspension system, and braking system may be interchangeable.

The E-Pilen idea was first revealed in April 2021, and soon it the production will commence. E-Pilen might be issued as early as the end of this year or as late as 2022.

Svartpilen and Vitpilen have some characteristics in familiar with the E-Pilen concept. A round headlamp, broad handlebar, contoured fuel tank with battery pack, and exposed trellis frame are just a few examples.
The design of Freerider is supposed to be snappy and sporty to appeal to its target public. The bundle will also include eye-catching graphics and decals.
KTM and Bajaj will Collaborate!

Bajaj and KTM have been working together to establish a shared platform. It is expected to spawn a slew of electric two-wheelers ranging in power from 3 to 10 kW. A 48v system will power the majority of these.

The E-Pilen concept’s electric powertrain is expected to be used in the Freerider. An electric motor with an output of 8kW (10.73 bhp) powers the E-Pilen. The motorcycle’s range will be around 100 kilometers, which should be sufficient for city use.
E-Pilen will be fitted with swappable batteries to address range concerns. However, as of right now, the company seems to be focused on developing the necessary infrastructure to support its electric two-wheelers.