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BMW’s New Concept Permits Owners To Change Their Car’s Color With A Push Of A Button

BMW is working on an innovative SUV concept that lets owners change the color of their vehicle with a button.

BMW unveiled a concept vehicle on Jan. 5 called iX Flow. The iX Flow is based on the electric iX SUV launched in 2021. The body’s colours can change from black to white or mix black and white to form a kaleidoscope of colours through electrophoretic technology.

“The car dresses you, it expresses you not only from the inside but also from the outside, so we have tried to create a technology that allows you to do that,” said Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President of electronics at BMW.

The technology isn’t so much the challenge as how to use it on a car. The challenge with a car is: How do you cut it into a three-dimensional curved surface? That’s why they’re laser cutting it,” he said.

BMW developed this colour-changing technology in partnership with E-Ink. Founded in 1997, E-Ink is the world’s leading digital media company. It provided services to companies such as Sony and Amazon, where it developed technology used in commercial displays and Kindles.
E-Ink changed the car’s color using the wrap technique. Wraps are made up of different colours and cover the entire surface of a car. Electric signals can be used to change the color of the wrap.
The Head of BMW Group design, Van Hooydonk, said that digitalization is all about creating an overall experience and creating emotions.
Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group Design, said that iX Flow’s color-changing technology is part of BMW Group Design’s mission to create “human-centric” goods that engage all senses. BMW has said that by 2025, it will invest €30 billion ($34 billion) on future-oriented technology.

Virtual Debuts for New Technology
BMW debuted E-Ink at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Because of an increase in new Coronavirus cases, the company postponed a complete programme of in-person events at the annual technology expo in favor of a virtual webcast. Mercedes-Benz, Amazon, Meta, and Lenovo, among others, have cancelled their intentions to visit the convention.

Immersive Experiences for car lover
E-Ink was one of the numerous innovative technologies BMW created to immerse its users in individualized digital experiences inside and outside of its vehicles. “My Modes,” available in Q2 of 2022, will display digital artwork within the car’s interior, while another will increase entertainment in the back. A variety of customizable noises and patterns throughout the car distinguish the Expressive and Relaxing modes. Mercedes-Benz has provided “Energizing” comfort technology and “Warmth” modes in many of its luxury vehicles, BMW executives say theirs are different and must be experienced to understand.

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