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Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile Tumbler goes green, Here’s the electric-powered version

Bruce Wayne may face some serious competition as Macro Studios, which creates costume and accessory replicas from comic books, films, and TV shows, has revealed what they claim is the world’s first completely functional electric Batmobile.

As per the reports, the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was authentically reconstructed using the original designs by the Vietnam-based studio, which artist Nguyen Dac Chung leads. As a result, the copy is an exact reproduction of Batman’s black beast, but it is far more environmentally friendly.

As a matter of fact, the six-wheeler may rip up the pavement without emitting any pollutants. With a weight of just 1,322 pounds, the electric Tumbler maintains the original’s tubular steel chassis, but forgoes the heavy metal bodywork in favor of ABS plastic, carbon fiber, and composite panels. Therefore, the e-Batmobile is roughly four times lighter than its on-screen counterpart, which helps with acceleration.

Batman’s daily driver has been replaced with an electric engine and lithium-ion batteries, allowing it to reach a top speed of 65 mph at full throttle. The range isn’t listed in the specifications, but we expect you’ll have enough speed to outrun any road thugs.

The Tumbler is equipped with two 13-inch wheels at the front and four 18-inch wheels at the rear, the latter of which is fitted with massive 33-inch tires. On its website, the Van Daryl automobile gallery in Ho Chi Minh City is currently accepting orders for the next-generation Tumbler prototype shown above. The team has yet to respond to Robb Report’s request for confirmation of the asking fee. There is also no indication whether Adam West’s Batmobile will be recreated.

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