DC2 transforms Volvo XC90 luxury SUV into an off-roader

DC Design, now known as DC2 is probably the most-established design house in the country. The brand has some of the wackiest design jobs in its name and here is another one that many of you might find absolutely extreme. Here is a DC2 design job based on the Volvo XC90.

While DC2 has not shared the exact details and the price of the transformation job, the pictures they shared show the extensive work.

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The brand has completely changed the body design of the XC90 and nothing resembles the original design of the Swedish luxury SUV.

The front end gets a new elongated beehive design grille with headlamps integrated into the gaps. The headlamps are all-projectors and are neatly tucked into the grille. Also, there is LED DRL in the lower part of the grille.

The four-door Volvo SUV has been converted into a two-door one. The doors are now converted to gullwing style and they open upwards. We are not sure if they are electronically operated. The tyres have been upgraded too. These look like 21-inch rims with All-Terrain tyres. Towards the rear, DC2 has added massive flares to the wheel arches. The design looks muscular but overdone.

The rear bears a resemblance to the design of Aston Martins. There is a coupe-like shape in the rear with a wide tail lamp that looks like a light bar. The bumper gets a similar beehive-style design and there are fake exhaust tips in the rear as well.

Red hot cabin

The cabin gets a red theme the car retains its four seats and loses the rear middle seat. The rear two seats are bucket seats now and there are a lot of changes done to fix the seatbelts since the doors are now gullwing there is no B-Pillar.

The windows look fixed with small cut outs that open to get access. The dashboard is not visible in the pictures but DC2 has used a lot of ambient lighting in the vehicle. The cabin shows the exhuberence of DC2’s ability to design the lounge cars.

Can you drive it on the public roads?

It is important to note that any modifications made to a vehicle are illegal unless they are authorized by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). In fact, structural alterations are especially hazardous, and the vehicle must pass the Automotive Research Association of India’s tests to ensure its roadworthiness. While we are uncertain if the police requested the vehicle’s documentation, it is worth noting that in many other regions of India, vehicles with significant modifications would be impounded immediately. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the effort and expertise that went into creating this vehicle. However, it is crucial to exercise caution around heavily modified vehicles, particularly those with structural modifications, as they may have weaker structures that are prone to collapse.