Ford patents a new system to display in-car advertisements

American car manufacturer, Ford has filed a patent for its new system that enables the camera to detect the billboards near the road and display the advertisements via the infotainment system in the vehicle. Once the camera detects a billboard, it sends a pop-up notification on the infotainment system. The user can click on the notification to access website links, phone numbers, and other details as captured from the billboard.

Although this might be helpful in a few instances where the driver might want to know more about a product, the cons would be that the user might have to pay a premium to avoid being bombarded by ads. It is believed that the company might also work with the advertising agencies or billboard companies to ensure that the ads are displayed even before the camera has detected the billboard, as this would be helpful in certain situations where the user wants to know more about a restaurant, hospital, fuel station, or any other service en route.

It is believed that the dealership might offer a pop-up ads-free package at the time of new vehicle purchase. Only time will tell if a customer would be willing to pay extra for an ad-free device or will just choose to ignore the pop-ups.