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Harley-Davidson LiveWire’s Upcoming New Arrow EV Platform Detailed

The Harley-Davidson Arrow EV platform has been in development for five years.
LiveWire, the EV arm of Harley-Davidson, will use the Arrow platform shortly to develop a new generation of electric motorcycles.

The American bikemaker revealed information about the modular platform to investors last month after it was publicly announced that Taiwanese firm Kymco will be investing Rs. 750 crores in LiveWire as part of a new deal.

According to the Shared Details, the EV platform is built around a large, structural lithium-ion battery pack that forms the basis of the chassis.

The battery pack could be a 20 kWh unit. The electric motor, power electronics, steering headstock, and front suspension are Bolted to the battery. Even the rear mono-shock and the swingarm are connected to the unit.

Depending on the application, the battery will have a high-volume of 21,700 format cells and can be cooled with air, liquid, or refrigerant. The voltage system in use can be as low as 50 V or over 400 V.

The on-board charger and inverter share the cooling circuit which can be either liquid- or air-cooled and the same goes for the motor which is fully integrated into the chassis and suspension to optimise space.
Harley claims the electric motor has increased power density (compared with that in the LiveWire One) with proprietary magnetics and a direct-drive design.

The Del Mar should be an urban bike like the LiveWire One
LiveWire currently sells 1 electric motorcycle named the One. But the Harley-Davidson Arrow EV platform will soon be used to produce LiveWire S2 models.

The very first bike that will use the Arrow platform will be called the Del Mar, and it will be a middleweight when taken in a general context. Following the S2 models will be the S3 range of electric 2-wheelers, lightweight machines.

In partnership with Kymco, the LiveWire S3 models will likely feature Kymco’s interchangeable batteries, making them efficient city commuters.
Last but not least, LiveWire S4 heavyweight motorcycles will be released with a more extended range (over 320 kilometers or 200 miles) and the latest charging capabilities.

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