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Harley-Davidson’s Small Roadster Gets a 353cc Engine. Debut is Near

The launch of Harley-Davidson’s new 338R small capacity motorcycle (for the American brand and developed markets) is nearing.
According to patent filings that appeared online in September 2020, the motorcycle’s design was developed in association with Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang.

The motorcycle is expected to be called the 338R, but its twin cylinder, liquid-cooled engine has now been revealed to have a displacement of 353cc.

As of yet, Harley-Davidson has not confirmed when its new roadster motorcycle will be produced. Information regarding the Harley-Davidson 338R engine capacity was unearthed when Qianjiang submitted its vehicle identification number (VIN) decoder information to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Interestingly, of the 2 VIN decoders the Chinese firm submitted to the American authorities, 1 matches Harley-Davidson’s VIN pattern, indicating that the American firm has dictated to Qianjiang how to structure the VIN codes for the 353cc motorcycle.

There are two codes of the same motorcycle – LWZX350 and LWZX350RA – so it’s likely that there will be two variants of the Harley 338R. However, until now, the launch timeline of the motorcycle is unknown.

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