Honda Unveils U-GO Electric Scooter In China

Honda has launched a new electric scooter titled the U-GO in China. It caters specifically to the needs of urban commuters.

In China, Wuyang-Honda offers the U-GO in 2 variants, priced at CNY 7499 (Rs. 86,000/-) and CNY 7999 (Rs. 91,730/-).

Even though the instrument screen is small, it displays all the necessary information.
It has an 800 W motor, a peak power output of 1.2 kW (1.61 BHP), and a top speed of 43 km/h.
Additionally, the top-spec variant has a 1.2 kW motor, a maximum output of 1.8 kW (2.41 BHP), and can travel up to 53 km/hr.
The battery pack is the same for both and has a capacity of 1.44 kWh. The claimed range on a separate charge is 65 km, which can be increased to 133 km by combining a second battery.

The scooter must only be used within the concrete jungle.

To look at, the Honda U-GO does not strike one as a Chinese scooter. It has sleek bodywork with crisp lines, LED lights, a digital instrument display, alloy wheels (12 inches up front and 10 inches at the rear).
Currently on sale only in China, the Honda U-GO is likely to be introduced in several other markets, and it would be fascinating to see if it gets launched in India.

There are four different colors to choose from, and it’s only 83Kg.