Ola’s E-Scooter Hypercharger Free For 6 Months; Pay Rs 4000/Year After That!

Is it possible to charge 50% in 18 minutes?


According to Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO and co-founder of Ola Electric, the company has started installing a charging network known as Hypercharger.

Hypercharger Network for Ola Electric

The news comes just days after the company began rolling out its S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters.

According to the CEO’s update, the EV maker is planning to expand the charging infrastructure in the coming days.

As Bhavish Aggarwal revealed in a tweet, “Hypercharger installation has commenced across cities. This includes BPCL pumps as well as residential complexes. We are installing across India and will make them operational in 6-8 weeks. Will be free until the end of June 22 for all customers.”

What are the benefits?

Customers can charge their e-scooters by using these Hyperchargers. Furthermore, this service will be free for the next six months, which is June 2022.

As the company claims, the Ola Hypercharger Network will be the widest and densest electric two-wheeler charging network in the world, having more than 100,000 charging points across 400 cities.

During its first year only, Ola will establish over 5,000 charging stations across 100 cities in India. This is more than double the existing infrastructure in India.

Fastest Two Wheeler Charging Network

Additionally, the Ola Hypercharger will also be the fastest two-wheeler charging network. In just 18 minutes, Ola Scooter can be charged 50% for a range of 75 km, according to the automaker.

In cities across the country, Ola Hyperchargers will be deployed widely.

You’ll find them in city centers and dense business districts as standalone towers, as well as in popular locations like malls, IT parks, office buildings, cafes, etc.

Ola Electric customers will always have access to Hypercharging stations.In addition to the Ola Hypercharger network, a home charger will be bundled with the Ola Scooter.

This home charger does not require installation. Using this device, Ola customers will be able to charge at home by plugging into a regular wall socket overnight.

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