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Petrol Vs Diesel Car Sales Feb 2021

The Maruti Suzuki lineup is predominantly petrol driven and stood at No. 1 in this category while Mahindra took the lead in terms of diesel powered passenger vehicles
As has been the case, petrol powered cars continued to be in much more demand over their diesel powered counterparts. The ratio of Petrol vs diesel car sales stood at 83.2 percent to 16.8 percent. A total of 3,07,872 units were sold in the past month of which 2,56,146 were petrol cars as compared to 51,726 diesel variants.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited was the No.1 petrol car OEM. The company has only petrol powered vehicles in its lineup and led the list with 1,44,761 units sold. Maruti has plans to launch diesel powered cars later this year.

Hyundai was at No. 2 with 51,590 units sold out of which 39,956 units were petrol powered vehicles while 11,634 made up the diesel powered cars relating to a ratio of 77.4 percent to 22.6 percent. Hyundai noted most demand for the diesel powered Creta and Venue SUVs.

Tata Motors was third on the list with sales of 26,732 units out of which 20,810 were petrol cars and 5,922 units were diesel cars. Tata diesel models include Altro, Nexon, Harrier and Safari. With the launch of the new Safari, its diesel volumes are expected to rise in the months ahead.

Kia Motors also saw its petrol cars more in demand over its diesel counterparts. Out of a total of 16,702 units sold in Feb 21, 9,755 units were petrol cars while 6,947 units were diesel models.

Mahindra No.1 Diesel Car OEM
Mahindra emerged as the No.1 Diesel Car OEM for February 2021 with 87.4 percent demand for its diesel offerings as against 12.6 percent towards petrol cars. Of total sales of 15,380 units, its diesel numbers stood at 13,445 units while only 1,935 petrol cars were sold.

Toyota was another OEM that noted more demand for its diesel offerings over petrol powered vehicles. With sales of 14,054 units, it was found that 6,104 units comprised petrol cars while 7,950 units were diesel offerings.

Renault Kwid, Triber and Kiger contributed to sales of 11,043 units in the past month with all being petrol powered while Honda saw 86.8 percent demand for petrol vehicles as against 13.2 percent towards its diesel engine lineup. Sales which stood at 9,324 units saw 8,097 units of petrol cars being sold over 1,227 diesel cars.

While Ford India saw equitable sales for both its petrol and diesel options, MG Motor, with 4,125 units sold saw 2,887 petrol cars sold over 1,238 diesel cars. Nissan, VW and Skoda also ruled in the petrol segment while FCA Jeep again had an equal distribution.

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