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Tachyon NB, electric superbike designed to cross 400kmph mark

Electric motorcycles have been developed by Lightning Motorcycles. Niobium has been heavily used to improve this electric motorcycle's chassis and weight characteristics.

Lightning Motorcycles, a manufacturer of high performance electric motorcycles, has unveiled a new superbike. The Tachyon NB has been developed in collaboration with CBMM, a global leader in Niobium technology.

In the 1960s, a particle of the same name was hypothesized to possess the potential to exceed the speed of light and reach the moon in less than a second, resulting in the name Tachyon NB for the Superbike.

  • Collaboration between Lightning Motorcycles and CBMM, a Brazilian Niobium technology company.
  • Has a streamlined shape to maximize aerodynamic efficiency on two wheels.
  • The element niobium provides strength and lightness to spacecraft and specialised machinery.

The Tachyon NB features a completely streamlined design with a front fairing designed to deflect air from hitting the rider for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. To prevent the negative effects of air hitting an open wheel, the wheel is also enclosed by a cover. The exterior and the chassis has been reinforced with Niobium, an extremely strong and resistant metal used in high-grade steels and alloys for use in Spacecrafts and other specialized equipment. The element has been used in the steel tubing and the swing arm to ensure the performance during high-stress use.

According to Lightning Motorcycles, using Niobium in a motorcycle’s body results in stronger and lighter performance. The same has also been used in the brakes that improves the braking capacity at high braking temperatures. To create a motorcycle capable of crossing the 400kmph mark, all of this has been done. It has been developed in Bonneville, which is home to a majority of the land speed records held by two wheelers.

“We are excited to announce the Tachyon Nb, our new electric superbike developed to break the current Land Speed Record at Bonneville. Innovation is in Lighting’s DNA, and this partnership empowers both companies to drive electric vehicle technology to a new level. Lightning’s vision is to continue to push the limits of what’s possible and promote the adoption of electric motorcycles globally,” says Lightning Motorcycles’ CEO and Founder, Richard Hatfield.

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