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Tesla Is Asking Customers to Pay a $199 Monthly Fee for ‘Full Self-Driving.’

The Full Self-Driving feature on Teslas does not make them fully autonomous.

Congratulations, you just bought a Tesla. Now get ready to pay up.

Once again, Tesla is breaking new ground by offering a subscription to unlock its “Full Self-Driving” function. According to Tesla’s website, customers can access the not-fully autonomous features of their electric cars for $199 a month.

According to Tesla’s site, for a monthly fee of $199, customers can access the not-fully autonomous capabilities of their electric automobiles.

With Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability, you will have access to a range of advanced driver assistance features designed to provide more operational guidance and assisted driving under your active supervision, says the company.

With Tesla’s FSD, which received an update earlier this month to Version 9.0 that’s still in beta, users are required to actively supervise driving and be prepared to take back control in an instant.

Tesla’s FSD is also available for sale for the price of $10,000 in addition to the subscription package.

Currently, Tesla says the subscription service is only available for vehicles in the U.S. The company also reiterates that, despite the name, you really should not treat the yearly $2,388 (plus tax) feature as something that will make your car self-driving — or at least not safely.

“The current enabled features require a fully attentive driver who has both hands on the wheel and is ready to take over at any moment.” At least with an FSD subscription, you can cancel any time.

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