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Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Epic Pagani Huayra R’s 9,000 RPM V12 Blast Around Monza Listen Now…

The naked carbon fiber will also please your eyes.

Pagani’s Huayra R was a car we all knew would come. Nevertheless, when it was finally revealed, our breath left us. With a body entirely made of carbon fiber and fitted with a naturally aspirated V12, this is the kind of machine that celebrates all that the internal combustion engine has brought us. Its radical design was shaped by aerodynamic efficiency and aesthetic preferences, making the final product effective and spectacular. As much as we like looking at the car, we want to hear it, and now we finally get to it, thanks to a video posted on YouTube this past weekend.

Pagani had previously shown us a video of the Huayra R blasting around Imola, but that was a digital rendering. It was a pretty good job nonetheless, but the above video blows your socks off. Hearing the raw, unfiltered sound of that 6.0-liter power plant bouncing off the walls and reverberating around the Monza Circuit without any music dubbed over it or any false enhancements makes it even more impressive. This video also highlights the brutality of the Huayra R’s six-speed sequential gearbox as it bangs through the gears, plus the cornering stability as the car remains flat through turns. It just looks and sounds epic.

Sadly, if you don’t have a Huayra R, you’ll probably never get to experience this powertrain. Developed in partnership with HWA AG, the 838-horsepower N/A V12 will only ever see duty in this car. It may be disappointing for some, but the fact is that this is truly a racing engine, not something meant for the road, and that makes it even more special. At $3.1 million each, all 30 versions of the Huayra R will likely never see any severe use outside of Pagani’s special club track days. Still, thankfully, videos like this give us a little taste of what the elite echelons of automobile manufacture can conjure.

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