The Ola Electric Vehicles Range Includes Bikes, Cars, And Even Drones.


Ola Electric’s EV range will likely expand with the introduction of more scooters in the near future.

Ola Co-founder and CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal revealed in a new blog post that the EV fleet will include “more scooters, bikes, and cars” in the future.

In the post titled ‘The Rise Of New Mobility’, he states that current vehicles are “dumb mechanical devices”.

In the coming quarters, Ola will expand its electric vehicle range with scooters, bikes, and cars, Aggarwal said, adding that the Ola EV range will include connected AI machines like kick scooters, e-bikes, drones, and even flying cars.

In addition, he said the EVs will cost 80 percent less to run than vehicles with internal combustion engines, which will lead to 40 percent of Indians owning a vehicle.

The company plans to expand its Ola Cars used car platform to 100 cities by 2022 (from 30 now).

According to Ola’s CEO, in the future, 5 crore 2-wheelers and 1 crore 4-wheelers will be sold in India every year. In the country, 16 crore people own a 2-wheeler, while 3 crore individuals own a 4-wheeler.

According to Aggarwal, shared and personal mobility will grow in India “through a combination of purpose-built electric vehicles lowering costs, digital retail driving convenience, and the cloud enabling personalization.”

Using EVs that cater to the sector, the company plans to expand its shared mobility business, which is currently accessed by 100 million Indians in 150 cities to 500 million people in 500 towns in the short term.

Agarwal said the company will expand its digital retail platform to other automakers and offer customers “multi-brand choice online, home test rides, customized financing, insurance, and more.”