TI Cycles Introduces Montra City Unplugged For Rs 27,279: New Electric Cycle In City

Montra, the high-end performance e-bicycle brand of Indian company TI Cycles, has launched its first electric bicycle specially designed to make traveling short distances comfortable and convenient. The e-bicycle will be offered at Rs 27,279, making it a solution for daily travel that is both a time saver and relieves one from having to wait on public transportation or worry about finding parking nearby stops, all with less environmental impact!

The Montra e-bicycle has an alloy frame, and the dual-mode capability allows you to toggle between manual or electric as per your convenience! The built-in electric braking system allows effective and smooth stopping by cutting off power upon the application of brakes. It has a range of up to 30 km in just one charge, and it can reach speeds up to 25km/h!

Commenting on the Montra E-bicycles launch, Mr. Vellayan Subbiah, MD, Tube Investments of India, said, “The Short distance commute segment is dependent on choice and availability of public transport for most of us. With the launch of Montra E-bicycle, we want to give our customers independence from the waiting period as they ride to their destination. With electricity being the future of mobility, e-bicycles will become the most sought-after mobility solution among urban commuters.

According to research, India’s e-cycle market is expected to grow to USD 2.08 million by 2026 at a CAGR of 12.69%, which is significantly huge and is currently untapped potential. As a brand, Montra has always been a customer-centric brand – from being the first to use a carbon frame in the cycles in India to make the electric cycles lightweight today for rapid, smooth, and more accessible transportation. With our new Montra E-bicycle product offering, we are sure to expand our family of customers, who are looking for quality and short distance everyday commute.”

Thoughts on E-bicycles

The e-bicycle is a new kind of vehicle in the market. Even though it has been available for quite some time, many users still see this as just another trendy, newly popular gadget that will soon become obsolete. Some people, however, appreciate what the e-bike stands for and how it is making the world a better place.

On average, e-bicycles will run at 7 paise per km while reducing individual carbon footprint significantly and saving hours waiting time on congested roads. With electric bicycles, you can also travel long distances (up to 30km on the Montra E-bicycle) without exerting yourself compared to manual cycles and reducing your carbon footprint even further. A cost-effective solution makes it easier for youth in developing countries like India, where pollution is alarming.

However, the first reaction of many people is always adverse. It goes like this: “Oooh, it’s an e-bicycle. I’ll stick with my car/motorcycle. What are your thoughts on e-bicycles? Are you thinking about getting one for your daily commute? Are they fast enough, easy to use, and reliable? Are these the questions you have in mind?