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Thursday, December 8, 2022

World’s First Kawasaki Electric Bike Ready, To Be Unveiled On 7th June

The upcoming Kawasaki electric bike could be called Elektrode and it could be the brand’s first venture into the electric powertrain.

The entire world is witnessing the greatest transition to the electric vehicle space and, unfortunately, the quite conservative Japanese who have mastered the art of making quiet, vibe-free, and performance-oriented IC engines are last in the race.

They simply don’t want to let go off their IC engines which they have chiseled with their sweat over the last half a century. But change in imminent and if they don’t act now, they would, indeed, be left behind by new aggressive players.

Last year, Kawasaki announced that it would unveil 3 electric/hybrid bikes by this year end. Now it seems the Japanese maker is ready with the first and has dropped a teaser informing its unveil on 7th June.

The teaser reads, “Good times are electric,” which confirms that it’s going to be an electric bike for sure. But looking at the teaser carefully, we can infer that it’s could be a motocross bike intended for kids.

It seems Kawasaki wants to play it safe as it’s first electric bike shouldn’t land in a trouble like how Harley Davidson Livewire One became unpopular.
Some unconfirmed reports say the upcoming Kawasaki could be named Elektrode as the brand has trademarked the name in many international markets.

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