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7 Ways You Can Lend A Helping Hand To Your Country & Community

During the past year or so, we have often asked ourselves and wondered, “when will this pandemic end?”. The answer to this question is not that simple but we sure do have a list of ways in which we can stand together as a community and help our country emerge from the shackles of COVID-19. By following these simple steps we can be triumphant in this fight against the virus.

1. Follow Health & Safety Regulations 

Perhaps, the least and at the same time, the most any of us can do in these wearying times is follow the health & safety regulations laid out by our health agencies to the best of our ability. This is the most crucial step in the fight against COVID-19. Wear a double mask, wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitisers, don’t step out of the house unnecessarily, and don’t crowd public places. Breaking the chain and not letting the infection spread anymore should be our number 1 priority. Even if there appears to be a slight dip in the daily tally of cases, we should not get lenient and let our guard down.

2. Support Your Neighbors, Co-Workers, And Loved Ones

Realising the mental & emotional toll of the pandemic is fundamental. Stay connected and ensure that those around you aren’t suffering physically or emotionally. If your neighbours are sick and need some help and assistance, don’t hesitate. You can offer to pick up groceries for an elderly or vulnerable neighbour. Be kind to your co-workers too by spreading cheer, good wishes, and gratitude. In these disheartening times, a kind wish can go a long way for someone.

3. Don’t Share Hateful & Triggering Images Or News

There is a huge number of families who have mild symptoms and are recovering under home isolation. Blindly sharing triggering images and news can have a negative effect on their mental health and even hamper their recovery. Unnerving and saddening images are a no-go. We do realise that the situation outside is dismal and the health resources are crumbling under pressure, but a negative sentiment will only worsen things! Let us all try and make the community hopeful and lift up each other’s mental health.

4. Donate Blood/ Plasma

Hospitals are overburdened with COVID & non-COVID patients, both. Which translates to an increasing need for blood donors. Prevent the blood banks from running dry by donating blood, especially if you have recently recovered from COVID-19, you must donate as your plasma filled with antibodies will save the lives of upto 5 people! Also, those in the age group of 18-45 are the major chunk of blood donors, and also eligible for the vaccine now. Since y’all won’t be able to donate blood at least for 60 days post-vaccination, you must donate blood before getting vaccinated to prevent any shortage.

5. Support Organisations Providing Important Resources

We have witnessed a huge rise in humanitarian initiatives as people provide healthy meals, oxygen cylinders, and other necessary services, free of cost. Help these organisations and institutions by providing them with small funds and donations. Even the slightest help provided by you could result in saving many lives. It’s a way of showing our support and gratitude to the individuals who work tirelessly and round-the-clock to lend help to the community & country.

6. Don’t Boycott Affected Families 

Many people who got infected with COVID-19 complained of differential treatment from the people around them, and we know our dear readers are better than that! Nobody wants to get infected, and the last thing you could do is blame someone and add to their already many miseries, especially during a time you could help them in their speedy recovery! You can offer to make them healthy & home-cooked meals (safely) or do grocery runs for them. Being compassionate will only help the country and the community.

7. Don’t Wait, Vaccinate 

India is rolling out the world’s largest vaccine program. Vaccination offers a chance at protection against the virus, so we should not be hesitant to get vaccinated. It’s safe and it is effective. Don’t be afraid of the possible side effects because they are protecting you from a greater evil.
Additionally, don’t create panic regarding the slots. If you keep calm and keep trying, you shall get a slot soon enough! All that’s left is to, “Don’t Wait, Vaccinate!”

Most importantly, if you want to be there for our beloved country and help it overcome the pandemic, you should always remember to be kind and compassionate to your fellow community!

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