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A Symbolic Crosswalk Traverses Moscow River in Land Art by Gregory Orekhov

Gregory Orekhov manifests the choices we face into his most recent artistic installation titled ‘crossroads.’ Composed of a symbolic crosswalk across the Moscow river in Russia, the land art exhibit questions social, ethical, and environmental behavior. The artist intends to highlight the loss of nature and the impact of high-rise developments on protected reserves of the river.

‘Crossroads’ is installed in the country area of Nikolina Gora on the Outskirts of Moscow. The artwork is crafted from polycarbonate that’s been painted over to produce a zebra crossing look. The crosswalk crosses the river, among fields that have no end.

With this Large-Scale Artwork, Orekhov expects to turn the world’s attention toward heritage conservation and to remind people about the ability of choice. The artist portrays himself as standing at the crossroads between the quiet, foggy natural world and an impending catastrophe. the object is located at the intersection of historical incidents that took place here at the time of the second world war, and those that are yet to come

Crossroads are symbolic of choice, an event that establishes the preordained path in life. Orekhov describes it as a place where space and time are intertwined.

Andrekhov continues, ‘this installation is not a personal reflection, but rather something we all encounter daily.This is about the unrestrained transformation of the space around that means tomorrow we could lose memorial places, favorite façades, birch groves, and endless fields, all for the sake of capitalist saturation.’

Project Information:

Name: Crossroads
Location: Nikolina Gora, Moscow
Artist: Gregory Orekhov
Photography: Konstantin Antipin, Ilya Ivanov

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