Aadhaar Update Charges: Must Know Aadhaar Service Charges

Aadhaar is a free 12-digit identification number provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). For Indians, the Aadhaar Card serves as evidence of identity and address. Residents may update their Aadhar data online or by visiting one of the Permanent Enrolment Centres if they need to make any changes. No, you must directly visit your nearest Aadhaar Permanent Enrolment center for all biometric updates. You must carry original documents to the enrolment center for updating. Original documents will be checked and returned to you after they have been updated. You can change your Demographic information if you use the online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) (Address). While using this service, please ensure that your mobile number is registered with Aadhaar.

When should you update your Aadhaar card details?
When their address and name change as a result of life events such as marriage or change of place. Residents will need to update their addresses if they move to a new location. The death of a relative or the marriage of a relative will result in a change of information. Where the biometric capture is incorrect or errors made at the time of enrollment.

There are no documents needed to update your Aadhaar photograph, biometrics, gender, mobile number, or email address. Simply bring your Aadhaar card to any Aadhaar Kendra in your region.

Aadhaar KYC

What information can be changed on an Aadhar card?
The following demographic and biometric data can be updated in an Aadhar passport, according to the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) website.

For changing your name, address, or date of birth in Aadhaar, you will need to send valid documents in addition to the application form and fees. UIDAI accepts 32 pieces of identification, 45 pieces of address evidence, and 15 pieces of date of birth proof. To change information in your Aadhaar, you can send any of the valid proofs.

Demographic details
Mobile Number
Date of Birth/Age
Address Email Address
Relationship Status
Biometric Details
Finger Prints
Facial Photograph

How to update demographic details like changes in Name, Address, Mobile Number Online?
The official Aadhaar self-service platform allows users to make changes to their Aadhaar cards.

Step 1: Visit https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/

Step 2: Click on Proceed to Aadhaar Update

Step 3: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number

Step 4: Captcha code & click on Send OTP

Step 5: Enter the OTP

Step 6: Update the required documents

Step 7: Confirm

Note that the information submitted for the update will be rejected if the documents you provide do not fit the information submitted for the update.

Aadhaar Service Charges
What are the Aadhaar update service charges?

Call 1947 or write to at [email protected] if you are asked to pay extra.

Services Fee Collected
Aadhaar Enrollment Free of Cost
Mandatory Biometric Free of Cost
Biometric update with or without demographic Rs 100
Demographic update Rs 50
e-Aadhaar download and color printout A4 Rs 30