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Abu Dhabi Ranks As Top City In The World For Handling Covid-19 Pandemic

UAE has handled the pandemic quite well. Right from vaccinating nearly half the population to providing all the necessary healthcare facilities, the nation has been ahead on the vaccine curve. And now, after receiving appreciation from countries around the world, UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi is ranked as the world’s top city for handling the pandemic. Here’s everything you must know.

Cities Like Sydney, Seoul, Singapore, Ottawa Have Also Made It To The List
A London-based analytics firm- Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), has compiled a list of the top 25 cities that have handled the Covid-19 pandemic pretty well. And guess what? Abu Dhabi has topped the list. The ranking is based on 50 parameters and is divided into five categories.

Abu Dhabi Was Appreciated For Maintaining A Low Rate Of Positive Cases
The categories are- healthcare management, vaccination rates, government efficiency, efficient health quarantine systems, and resilience of the economy. And after judging the cities on these parameters, Abu Dhabi edged out other distinctly safe cities like Seoul, Sydney, Singapore, Ottawa and Berlin to take a top spot on the list.

The capital city was lauded for keeping a low rate of positive cases, mass testing and reaching the vulnerable. It was also quick to help those that felt the economic brunt of the global health crisis. The city also launched The Ghadan 21 project, which suspended certain types of fees, levies and charges, and provided a multi-billion dirham financial stimulus package.

The emirate also initiated the research and development effort in pioneering the world’s first Phase III trials of an inactivated viral vaccine. Thanks to the Hope Consortium, Abu Dhabi is now a global hub for logistics, storing and transport of multiple vaccine types. Well, with all the facilities and measures in place, Abu Dhabi truly deserves it.

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