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Beware! The 24-Day Vaccine Tourism Package To Russia Could Be A Hoax & Here’s Why

Are you struggling to schedule a vaccine appointment on the Cowin application? Vaccine tourism is high in demand and very soon you will be able to travel to other countries to get the jab. But recently, a travel agency announced a 24-day all-inclusive package to Russia and made quite a buzz on social media. The package includes two doses of Sputnik-V vaccination, flight fare, accommodation, sight-seeing, and meals. Excited, we called up the agency only to realise that all slots for June were booked. Besides, as soon as the package went viral on social media, the agency took the offer down.

Vaccine Tourism Package To Russia Sold Out Say Agency
The Dubai-based travel agency Arabian Nights Tours was offering a too good to be a true offer from Delhi to Moscow, including four days in St Petersburg, all for 1.3 lakh. We got to know that the Russian carrier Aeroflot, flying out of Delhi twice a week were already booked. It turns out that all seats went to vaccine seekers from Dubai and they were still figuring out logistics for travellers from India. But with the growing demand, they plan to roll out charter flights from India.

Russian Information Centre Warns The Package Could Be A Hoax
But ₹1.3lakh for a 24-day package seems quite unbelievable, does it not? So, we got in touch with the Russian Information Centre to get the full picture, and here’s what they have to say. “Welcome but don’t call us if you fall in trouble. We cannot help cheaters”. Clearly, the Russian Information Centre does not approve of any such package as yet.

The Vaccine Tourism Package Does Not Promise Of A Vaccination Certificate
There are quite a few things that are compelling us to raise our eyebrows in this vaccine package. Flight tickets cannot be bought at such cheap rates because of the non-availability of seats on flights. Also, there is no mention of whether the travel company will issue vaccine certificates or not. As of now, Russia has announced no such package and they are not sure what will happen.

So, please be sure that you do all the necessary research before you book such a travel package. Do not fall in the trap.

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